Our Approach

We’re consistent. Journalists in Classrooms seeks to have a lasting impact on education. Achieving this requires consistent programming. By connecting with teachers through district administration, we can build lasting relationships with schools, enabling us to continue reaching students year after year even as staffing and roles change.

We’re interactive. We want students to meet journalists who work in their communities. By bringing local journalists into classrooms for live visits, we can humanize reporters, encourage engagement with news media, and help students see their own potential to report stories that matter to them.

We’re a community. We are a grassroots network of journalists curated based on industry experience and a strong sense of JiC’s core mission. Our approach is personal and we take special care to account for the restrictions and challenges of journalists’ hectic schedules.

We support teachers. We share speaker materials with teachers ahead of time and offer guidance in building additional lesson plans around the visit to ensure teachers and students get the most out of speakers’ time. And wherever possible, we seek out journalists covering topics relevant to coursework topics in the classrooms they visit.

We offer training. This August, we plan to hold a day of professional development around news literacy. Educators will learn about the reporting process, fact-checking and determining the source and intent of online content. Local journalists and educators will also explore ways to incorporate content from speaker visits into other lessons.

We’re starting with Sacramento. We have been working with the administration of a diverse, roughly 45,000-student Title 1 school district in our region to develop consistent and regular programming. We hope to apply our learnings from this district to expand into others, both here in Sacramento and beyond. Our priority will always be sending local journalists into classrooms in their communities.

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